So… I’ve got a few books in print, ebook, and audible, and a few still in the pipeline. Take a look, then check them out on Amazon!

The Ward, Bitter Knight, and Swift the River Flows (working title) are all still in editing or production phase and should be released in 2022 in that order. All are the first book in a three-volume series, but only Swift will be released as a set on the first day! Filters is the third in the Zzkriiti Imperative series, and I haven’t typed word 1 yet, so don’t expect that until late 2022 or first quarter of 2023. That year should also see the second volumes of Bitter Knight and The Maker’s Son.

I’ll make this page a bit more interactive as soon as I can carve out some time, so don’t bother clicking on anything–nothing’s live.