Okay. I get it. Hospitals are a playground for all variants of Covid. But seriously… what is up with the only one visitor rule? Or should I just call it the “one family member in the hospital” rule?

My son’s appendix burst yesterday, and until they decided it had and they would operate, only one parent was allowed in the fucking hospital. Not “oh you have to wait in the lobby”, but you have to sit in your car or on the bench outside. In damp 48 degree weather. At 5 a.m. And the lobby was the size of a basketball arena and fucking empty. And I am triply vaxed and wearing a mask.

There really should be some flexibility, but administrators, who have very little real-life contact with patients and family, made a decision the staff must follow without question. Again, I get the need to play it safe–if we had from the beginning, this would have ended almost a year ago–but if you can socially distance at twenty feet or more, the rules could probably stand a little relaxing.

Food for thought…